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Planet Records

Our own long standing in house record label "Planet Records" was established in 1989.
The first release was issued in 89 (although released on The Pendle Hawk Label), this was a 12 track compilation of "Pendle groups" and was titled "Grit in the Oyster": 1000 copies were released and gave us a grounding of how to make and distribute a record. The second release was Widness/Liverpool baggie group "35 Summers" (Plan0193). The 12" ep Come Together, was one of John Peels fave plays at the time (resulting in 2 Peel session" and the man himself sporting a Summers T Shirt whilst presenting Top Of The Pops. They subsequently signed to RCA and released a further 2 singles both making the top 50. Lead vocalist Dave Pichilingi has since formed the popular Liverpool label "Robot Records" and is often on the panel of experts for industry seminars and industry lectures. We normally stick with album releases for hard working gigsters and currently promote our latest release for London based 7 piece Gypsy Swing group "The Kings Cross Hot Club" (PlanCD020). We had Q magazines top 5 Folk album of the year 1996 for Michael Chapmans "Navigation"(Plan007), and still welcome demos from new Artists/Writers. We can provide mail order for all titles £10 inc shipping world wide anywhere. Shops wishing to order Titles from KCHC PlanCD020 and forthcoming releases can be ordered via Proper Music Distribution, London. See more info on the relevant album pages for reviews/sleeves/Tracks etc. Please click logo.

The Outsiders. Ripped Shirt. PlanCD 004

Fiasco. Colours. PlanCD 005 (EP)

Dave Gardner. Empty Dreams. PlanCD 006

Michael Chapman. Navigation. PlanCD 007

Steve Williams. Full Moon On Broadway. PlanCD 008

Slack Alice. Broken Dreams. PlanCD 009

Angela Costa. Soul Disease. PlanCD 10

Ken Nicol. Living In A Spanish Town. PlanCD 012

Peter Kirtley. Bush Telegraph. PlanCD 13

Angela Costa. Inside The Kiss. PlanCD 14 (EP)

Various Artists. Whats In The Pub 96. Pub 001 CD

Leo Lyons. Tough Trip Through Paradise. KCD 10016

Silk Ass Surface. Always Look Your Best. KCD 14029

The Outsiders U.K. Black Shoes And travelling TV. PLANCD16

Kings Cross Hot Club. PLA020

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