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A & R

We receive demos on a daily basis from bands/Artists/Writers of all genres.
Great songs and promising prospects are occasionally amongst the volume of recordings that are submitted. Like any company with a schedule of work and limited manpower capacity, we cannot go with every potential gut feeling to engage in a working relationship (there simply are not enough hours in a week). We can however act as Artist & repertoire for other labels/organisations that perhaps should be aware of certain Artists trying to break into the business. We have in the past pointed and introduced labels/publishers/agents to performers whom they may have otherwise missed due to geographical locations. The North West of England has a long standing reputation for spawning a hot bed of talent. We attend shows throughout Lancashire and beyond on a regular basis. If you wish to form a relationship for your company, then please contact us to discuss your needs.


Pendle Hawk Music

11 New Market Street, Colne,
Lancashire, U.K. BB8 9BJ

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