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Industry/List Of Services

Festival & Event Consultants:

If you are planning Events/Festivals?

You can hire our expert services to help plan, co-ordinate and programme the music/PA installations/Lighting/Staffing/security and general overview to produce a cost effective easy to manage event. We have at hand, long standing partners and experience to provide all services required for any event from small club functions to large 80 000 outdoor festivals.
We have been long established as the originators of the now commonly known Fringe stages in our home town for the "Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival" August bank holiday weekend, Colne Lancashire. We originated 5 alternative stages throughout the town, including programming of Artists to PA and crew. This has been a very popular feature for the last 10 years. This year 2005 we welcomed a new venue to the Fringe "Dantes Café Bar" (The old post office) Albert Rd. As visitors would testify, the atmosphere was electric with a full house daily. The 400 capacity venue proved overwhelmingly popular. Hope to see you again next year.

For the first time 2005, we were hired as consultants/PA installations/Music programme/Press & media) by Wyre Borough Council, (Fylde Coast) to establish the "Great Eccleston" village festival. This was predominantly an outdoor 3 day festival of Music/Theatre/ & visual Arts.
A fantastic weekend was had by all with great entertainment and local businesses benefiting from the influx of visitors.

Consultation Rates:

It costs nothing for your initial contact & enquiry to discuss logistical possibilities.
If you require a consultation with a visit to your site, the rates are as follows. £75 per hour plus travel expenses. All additional meetings are inclusive once a contract for the event has been issued to Pendle Hawk Music for the event. It is our job to save you money from underhand contractors and Artists who can identify within seconds that you may not have much experience i dealing with such matters.

We can also direct you to possible available funding through various organisations.
Why not give us a call and let us take the strain?

Artist development:

Most Artists starting out into the world of Music/Performing Arts are often puzzled & uncertain as to where their strengths and directions lay.
We offer a no frills punchy assessment of your abilities in the form of a one to one consultation.
It is not within our interests (or yours) to delude you with overnight success prospects and easy to obtain lucrative publishing/record deals. Even for the most naturally talented, this industry is notoriously tricky. We can offer you sound realistic advice, with a programme of steps to follow in order to progress with your own abilities. A blueprint strategy can be suggested with training and support from consummate professionals to mentor & develop your career if required.

We can offer advice from the very basic (ie buying & operating your own PA system & equipment), to administrating your Copyrights/performing/mechanical songwriting royalties, how the songwriter/performers get paid, and when? And from whom. Dealing with record companies and publishers to the correct etiquette within any live concert situation. How to deal with managers/publishers/promoters---What do they do and how much are they entitled to? Dealing with merchandise and how to pick up extra income from live performance without increasing your fee (live performance royalties)

Biogs/Promo/Press Kits:

Help and instruction on how to lay out & present concise punchy Biog promo packs for record A&R. Press kits for agents/live venues. (So many great demos never make it to the "lets hear the music stages" due to badly presented kits).
We can help and advise on introductions to agents, how to secure a good record deal, and what to avoid. Being able to identify dodgy promoters and pay to play venues is a priceless skill that will pay dividends over the coming years. False auditions can also be identified (being nothing more than a free nights entertainment for bogus agents) and resulting in a soul destroying experience for you.

Starting your own Record label/Releasing your own records:

We can advise & offer direction to establish your own record label. From choosing the right studio/producer to manufacturing any quantity of Vinyl/CDs:
1- How catalogue numbers and bar codes work.
2- How you gain access to unique bar codes etc.
3- How to join the relevant organisations, G1, PRS, MCPS, etc. & completing the essential forms.
4- Recording cover versions & gaining clearance licence to issue your recordings.
5- Breakdown of the points system for Artists/Composers/Producers/Arrangers/etc.
6- Licenceing of finished masters for marketing in overseas territories.
7- Overseas administration collection/distribution agencies.
8- Copyright control, unpublished and published material.

You are free to discuss any of the above and more at your introductory consultation.
The fee for a one hour consultation is £100.


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