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Pendle Hawk Studios

This is our own in house 24 track studio facility.
The studios have been a new development since 2003. We can now work at our leisure on new "Planet Records" releases within the confines of our own building.
The separate control room is a nice large space with natural daylight if preferred. The completely soundproofed live room is adequately sized and a comfortable area to create and perform.
For those needing a break and refreshments, there are several pubs/bars/restaurants/Cafes and takeaways within 200 yards from the front door.
Budget priced Good clean standard quality hotels (with bars) are within easy walking distance for bands/Artistes wishing to travel into town for longer running projects. (Typical price is £15 per night for single room). Discounts for bands.

The Engineer: Dave Caley

Our in house engineer will oversee all recordings and comes inclusive of all published rates shown below. With 28 years experience of recording all styles of music, Dave has a reputation for being helpful and informative whilst remaining sympathetic to your Artistic integrity.
Dave can also compose/arrange and is a high standard multi instrumentalist for those who write lyrics but do not play instruments themselves.
Dave can record anything from voice overs to backing tracks-to full bands (live or multi tracked) with strings or brass. We also have at hand, a pool of high standard session musicians flexible/experienced and covering all styles of music. Players include-Guitar/Bass/Banjo/Piano/Keyboards/Brass/Strings/Vocals/Drums/Percussion:

The Equipment:

A basic list of equipment is set out below, with lots of additional effects/instruments/Guitars/Fender Bass/Percussion available to use free if required.

Soundcraft 32-8-2 Desk:
Alesis ADAT 24trk Hard Disc:
Soundcraft & Yamaha Monitors:
TL Audio-Presonius Compresors:
TL Audio-Behringer Valve Processors:
Rodes-Audio Technics-Mics:
POD-Hughes & Ketner Amp Simulators:
Alesis-Drum Trigger Sampler:
Behringer Mastering:
Plus Lots More:

The Rates:

Free set up:
£14 per hour to record including Engineer:
£14 to Mix with Engineer:
£14 to Master with engineer:
£---Session players rates are negotiable.

Pendle Hawk Music

11 New Market Street, Colne,
Lancashire, U.K. BB8 9BJ

Telephone & Fax :
+44 (0)1282 866317

E-mail :