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Our Management and in house booking agency usually works in partnership with associated record label Artists. We have for many years been responsible for UK tours for overseas (usually US) & UK Singer songwriters/Bands. We try to support our tours with radio national & regional, plus newspaper/magazine coverage when available. We make no claims to being some hot shot PR firm, but usually manage to secure modest coverage when the chips are down. (You can see some examples for Planet Records Artists). We have in the past booked mammoth tours for UK & US singer songwiters Michael Chapman (UK), Hunter Moore (USA), Darryl Purpose (USA), Kate McDonnell (USA) and current on going project "The Kings Cross Hot Club" (UK). Our regular venue in Colne is Jims Acoustic Café -New Market St. All Tours include a show at the Legendary "Jims". We also book weekend pub/bar/Club shows for quality selected North West bands-Including, Cheatin Hearts/The Voodoos/Silver Dogs/Von Kempelin/The Zimmermen/Chicago Theives:
See our roster below for descriptions, with links to Artist web pages.

Kings Cross Hot Club:

Hunter Moore (USA):

Darryl Purpose (USA):

Michael Chapman:

Silver Dogs:

Cheatin Hearts:

The Voodoos:

The Zimmermen (Bob Dylan Tribute Show):

Chicago Theives:


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