Various Artists

Whats In The Pub In 1996

18 tracks. Total running time: 65 mins 43 secs

Track Listing

1. Eddie and the Hot Rods: Watching me watching you

2. The Slobs: Billy

3. The Vibrators: No No No 4. Legendary Undertakers: Exhumed/Getting away

5. Dr Feelgood: My sugars turn to alcohol

6. Oriental Guitars: Oriental guitars

7. Canvey Island Allstars

8. Captain Sensible: D.J with half a brain

9. Gilt: Passionate stranger

10. Wilco Johnson & Steve Hooker: I want to talk to you

11. Dave Gardner: Don't get me wrong

12. Larry Willis: Touch and go (demo)

13. Desoto: I just wanna make love to you

14. Dirty Fingers: Brand new cadillac

15. The Outsiders: Bastard blues on a kamikaze highway

16. South West Blues

17. Steve Hooker Rumble: Rock ol sputnick

18. The Inmates: tell me whats wrong (live)

Whats in the pub is a collection of bands that originate from and continue to perform the pub circuit. Pub records is the brainchild and passion of Dutch pub rock fanatic Leon Tamerius. I first met Leon when he organised a tour for The Outsiders through Holland in the early 90's. We have remained in close contact and developed a good friendship ever since.

Bands like Dr Feelgood and The Hot Rods are world famous, but try listening to some of the lesser known names such as The Outsiders, Desoto (from Holland) and The Vibrators.

This album has been well received throughout Europe and a new collection "Whats in the pub 1999" is set for release in October 97. Both titles are available via the Planet connection.

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