The Outsiders. Ripped Shirt. PlanCD 004

Fiasco. Colours. PlanCD 005 (EP)

Dave Gardner. Empty Dreams. PlanCD 006

Michael Chapman. Navigation. PlanCD 007

Steve Williams. Full Moon On Broadway. PlanCD 008

Slack Alice. Broken Dreams. PlanCD 009

Angela Costa. Soul Disease. PlanCD 10

Ken Nicol. Living In A Spanish Town. PlanCD 012

Peter Kirtley. Bush Telegraph. PlanCD 13

Angela Costa. Inside The Kiss. PlanCD 14 (EP)

Various Artists. Whats In The Pub 96. Pub 001 CD

Leo Lyons. Tough Trip Through Paradise. KCD 10016

Silk Ass Surface. Always Look Your Best. KCD 14029

The Outsiders U.K. Black Shoes And travelling TV. PLANCD16