The Outsiders U.K.

Black Shoes and Travelling TV

10 tracks, total running time 44 mins 48 secs. All original compositions

Track Listing

1. these days

2. Bring Em All In

3. Through The Gardens That We Know So well

4. Black Shoes And travelling TV

5. Licky Pup

6. The Proud Ones

7. Hate to See my Baby growing Up That Way

8. Stuck In Old Diane With You

9. No Good

10. Some Kinda law

This is a brand new release of new songs for 2000. The style of the album is quite diverse, taking in all the stops along the way from rock through to country/blues and back again. There are guest musicians and singers that help to create a cookie travelogue of northern England. Ex-Milltown Brother Barney Williams adds that down home woodstock retro sound with his amazing Hammond organ. Check out the soundbites in the above track listing for an idea of the quirky storytelling from the black hills of Lancashire.

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