Silk Ass Surface

Always Look Your Best

9 Tracks. Total running time: 33 mins 58 secs. All original compositions.

Track Listing

1. Evil tongue

2. Love and thunder

3. Silk ass surface

4. All things ain't real

5. Always look your best

6. Suspicion

7. Living in vain

8. Rock'n roll asshole

9. My eyes are bleeding

Always Look Your Best is the debut album from "Silk Ass Surface". Initiated by singer/songwriter Alex Bauer and recorded in Munich, Germany. The songs draw influences from rock, blues and country music with an underground indie guitar sound. Some of the songs carry the distanced tone of Lou Reed whilst others are reminiscent of the lyrical intensity of Nick Cave.

Alex Bauer: vocals and guitar

Tobias Shwartz: bass

Peter Enderlein: drums

Peter Pichler: guitar

This is a new release via KDC Records Munich, Germany. More info regarding Silk Ass Surface can be found by contacting Klaus Wolf at KDC.

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