Walk The Floor

Geordie lads "Walk The Floor" are a new generation of fast moving rockers who are blazing a new trail in the roots world. This unlikely alliance, put together from musicians focused around the Durham studio Northern Recording, has gelled into one of the most exciting bands to evolve from the North East. "When the fiddler can't decide if he wants to be Aly Bain or Jimi Hendrix, then you know we're talking about a healthy band".(Simon Jones, Folk Roots)

 Noisy Balham - Walk The Floor: WTFCD1
1. Old Red Eyes
2. Georgie's Song/ Drowsy Jam
3. Brave New World
4. September Skies/ Funky Thing
5. The Cage & The Cuckoo
6. Looking Out For You
7. Indulgence
8. The Edge/ Seamus Mbutu
9. Hangover
10. Georgie's Reel/ Blacksmith's Daughter
11. Seg's Riff
12. All Coming Home
13. Noisy Balham
14. MacAlpine's Fusiliers